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Domenico Cigars Michaela Str÷ml founded 2001, in Punta Cana, Provincia La Altagracia in the Dominican Republic is an authentic custom tobacco handmade factory. Owned by a passionate and dedicated German woman, who moved by her passion for cigars decided to established a High Quality Product and to compete with the already existing Premium Brands worldwide.

Mrs. Michaela Str÷ml moved from Germany to Punta Cana to expand her knowledge about the art of manufacturing premium cigars. Our Professional Dominican Hand rollers mix two Cuban tobacco deposits (grown in the Dominican Republic) and a Dominican variety. This special composition is the secret to assure the best quality of our Domenico Cigars. Dominican Premium Cigars attract a lot of cigars smokers all over the world because of its smoothness and flavor, very well balance in comparison with the strong Cuban cigars.

In the beginning, Domenico Cigars production was directed, in a small scale, to all the cigar smokers who will visit Punta Cana on their vacation. During all this years of production it has been proven and confirmed by our faithful customers, an unforgettable and fascinating taste. Because of this unique Experience our customers started to place orders from their home countries. Little by Little we started to grow and by gaining a lot of fixed and faithful clients, who enjoyed the good taste and quality of Domenico Cigars.

Since the beginning our small factory, with only eleven employees had a very strict company policy “Quality is more important than Quantity!” and although the sales numbers increased, this policy still has priority. Our motto is "Be Special" and stick out of the crowd of hundreds of well-made cigar brands all over the world.

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